The human side of leadership

My fundamental belief is that all human beings strive to grow and develop and that everyone carries a set of valuable resources and personal assets. My approach is based on a humanistic value system and I focus on working with elements of positive psychology. I also fundamentally believe that it is truly important to take a systemic perspective, working with the individuals as part of their surrounding systems in order to enable sustainable change.

My personal life path has allowed me to combine a thorough understanding of the rules of the game on the executive level with deep insights into human behaviours, motives and coping strategies. And a deeper understanding of the roots of behavioral and thinking patterns.

Consequently, it is natural for me to follow a structured, result oriented and pragmatic approach with my clients, focusing on top priorities and considering the broader business context. On the other hand I have often seen top executives and teams ending up in vicious cognitive circles that prevent them from taking the next step. I am therefore also supporting my clients to work on some of their – often biographically rooted – beliefs, values and drivers of judgement.

My clients frequently describe me as empathetic, authentic, clear in my communication and highly congruent.