The human side of leadership

My personal life path has allowed me to combine a thorough understanding of the “rules of the game” at the executive level with deep insights into human behaviors, motives and coping strategies, as well as  the psychological roots of these patterns.

It’s natural for me to follow a structured, result-oriented and pragmatic approach, focusing on top business priorities and considering the broader entrepreneurial context. Our joint work will primarily focus on unleashing and further developing your leadership excellence. This will always serve as the major reference pint for all we do.

In many instances, however, there is no lack of knowledge on what needs to be done. Behavioral and thinking patterns, that seem to be part of our individual human “nature” stand in the way. Mighty, change resistent inner ties prevent us from leadership excellence.

In these situations I support my clients in working on the underlying – mostly biographically rooted – beliefs, assumptions and experiences. The human being in the leader with all his/her needs, wounds, values and resources will then come into focus. Only through this rather personal and sometimes even intimate type of work true and sustainable change will be possible.

I feel deep respect for the individual’s path of life and its challenges. To this end, I will ensure a sensitive and mindful process of participation and co-creation.

My fundamental belief is that all human beings strive to grow and develop and that everyone carries the required set of valuable resources and personal assets. My approach is based on a humanistic value system. For me, authenticity and congruence are important elements of leadership excellence.