Leveraging inner constructs

Leadership is about taking decisions. No matter whether we are leading others or ourselves.

We usually take decisions in our inner board room. And we assume we are aware of all participants in this meeting. Modern neurobiology however has discovered that we may not be fully aware of all our “inner” opinion leaders and may well be unconsiously influenced by old, partly outdated beliefs or thinking patterns. Or we may risk neglecting valuable insights or “wisdom” stored in our subconsciousness.

Constellations are a proven and highly effective approach to disclose these semi- or sub-conscious treasures and integrate them. As a consequence, our “inner constructs of reality” become visible and our decisions are getting richer, more sound and more effective.

Constellations can therefor effectively unleash inherent leadership potential, broaden our set of choices and finally increase authenticity as a leader.

The most effective format for constellation work is in small, trusted groups. In addition, constellations may also well be integrated in your individual development process.

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