More than the sum of parts

Today, leadership happens more and more in teams. In most cases, integrating a group of diverse, highly competent and experienced leaders into a real team – often on an international level – is a challenge. Changes in team context or composition, new objectives or drawbacks can put further stress on team performance.

My objective is to support your team in improving it’s performance – be it efficiency, effectiveness or simply fun and motivation – especially when they feel stuck in seemingly hopeless situations.

Typical topics in team development:

  • Improving conflict management and coping with emotional stress in the team
  • Strengthening team spirit and collaboration
  • Optimizing decision making
  • Improving collaboration between team members and the team leader
  • Increasing team motivation, energy and creativity

In some cases, working with teams points to issues at the organisational level. Drawing from my long years of experience in strategy and talent management consulting, I am also available to work with you on selected topics in organisational development.