Executive Leadership Development

It is my passion to support top executives in their professional development and in unleashing their individual growth potential, on a quest for true leadership excellence.

Often, the starting point is an emerging awareness that some well established behavior and thinking patterns actually prevent future success. The goal is crystal clear, but change seems to be cumbersome or even impossible. Mighty inner ties are at work here, like for example exaggerated quality expectations, a tendency for micromanagement, lack of empathy or emotional over-reactions, or being driven by a “never enough” mentality.

Resolving inner ties is the key to unleashing true leadership excellence and supporting you in mastering your daily or future leadership challenges in a more effective and efficient way.

This often requires working on the psychological roots of these patterns, revisiting underlying beliefs, assumptions and inner experiences. A trauma-informed approach to leadership development has proven to be highly successful here – enabling sustainable change of behaviors and thought patterns.

Based on my experience, your individual topic will most likely be familiar to me. I have been working with top executives for more than 30 years now, among them 20+ years as a consultant and partner in two top management consulting firms (BCG and Egon Zehnder). At the same time I am fully aware of the uniqueness of each leadership context and have remained curious on your specific development agenda.

Our mutual personal fit is the most important parameter for success. I am looking forward to getting to know you personally soon.