Experience. Focus. Empathy. Sense of humour

My clients can profit from more than 20 years of experience I have gathered in working with top executives and their teams from a broad variety of corporations and organizations (including NGOs) – both on a local German as well as on an international level. Over the years, I have been a broadly knowledgeable discussion partner on all business issues of the Board, members of the C-suite and upper management.

In addition, my clients have fed back that working with me is unique based on three key competences:

  • I am quickly focusing on the core issues as well as the underlying patterns and systemic mechanisms
  • My clients describe me as considerably empathetic, based on my basic appreciation of the “human being in the leader” and empathy for my client’s professional and personally life paths – with all their junctions
  • And, last but not least: despite the depth and intimacy of some of the topics, I am always trying to retain a sense of humor