My path of life

As long as I remember, I have been guided by a balance of two basic motivators: working closely with people and a following my deeply rooted intellectual curiosity.

As a consequence, I have balanced my studies in natural sciences with an active role in my social community and the local church, when I was younger.

Since my graduation with a Ph.D. in (bio) chemistry, my enthusiasm for working with people has been continuously growing. Instead of following the „classical route“ of a Ph.D. into industrial research, I decided to focus on working closely with top decision makers/leaders and their teams – initially as a top management strategy consultant with BCG ( and later as a talent management and executive search consultant with Egon Zehnder (

As a partner and shareholder in both firms, I have collected first hand experience in working and acting as an entrepreneur.

Since 2014 I am supporting top executives in their quest for leadership excellence. I am working in private practice in Hamburg/Germany. I am regularly deploying a trauma-sensitive approach to executive leadership development, leveraging my own “Inner ties”-concept.

My practical work is based on systemic and hypno-systemic approaches, principles of psycho-traumatology as well as constellation work. As a trained scientist, I often cannot refrain from referring to modern neurobiology. I am certified as a systemic coach and supervisor (DBVC and DGSF, two leading German association for systemic work), as an SE Practitioner (EASE), as a PEP practitioner (Michael Bohne) and as an EMDR-Coach (VDH). In addition, I have been extensively trained in clinical hypnosis (Milton Erickson Association), psycho-traumatology (Franz Ruppert, Michaela Huber, Ellert Nijenhuis, Silvia Zanotta (SEST) and others), systemic constellation work (Matthias Varga von Kibéd, Albrecht Mahr, Helmut Meier and others) and in systemic organizational development (Fritz Simon).