More on the concept of Inner Ties

Workshop “Resolving Inner Ties”
(for executives and HR leaders)

Behavior and thought patterns often stand in the way of true leadership excellence. Patterns – inner ties – that are all too human but situationally exaggerated and resistant to change. Such inner ties are, for example, overwhelming and perfectionistic mental standards, inner drivers such as “It’s never enough,” “I have to please everyone,” “I have to do it alone,” demotivating micromanagement, a lack of empathy, emotional overreactions in conflicts or when plans fail, general mistrust and compulsion to control, excessive strive to harmonize and pacify with conflict avoidance or poor decision-making and many more.

This particularly applies to leadership skills for tomorrow. According to a study by Egon Zehnder, the essential future skills of a CEO will be: relationship orientation, self-reflection and adaptability. All of these are often constrained by powerful inner ties.

I would be happy to design a tailor-made lecture or workshop for you and your team in which you can discover your individual potential using the model of inner ties and learn about starting points for change.

Please reach out for further information.

Training in trauma-sensitive leadership development
(for consultants - 
currently only offered in German language)

A trauma-sensitive approach often enables sustainable and sustainable change in behavior and thought patterns that appear resistant to change with other approaches.

At the same time, trauma-sensitive work goes beyond the usual business coaching and requires special knowledge and skills, both in terms of concepts and processes/interventions. The training conveys the (theoretical and practical) basics of such a trauma-sensitive approach, including the supervision of your own learning processes.

The training is aimed at consultants and coaches with several years of certified training in systemic consulting/coaching (or equivalent) and corresponding professional experience.

I would be happy to provide you with further information. Please reach out to further discuss how the training can be a helpful to your work.